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Stephan Pelser and myself have cancelled our agreement concerning Chacoelo and he is now in my full possession again.

He is now standing with Nicola Sime and I am looking forward to seeing him compete in the shows she will be riding him at.


Stephan Pelser of Summerbrook Stables, Pretoria and myself made an agreement whereby:
- Stephan gets a 50% share in my young stallion Chacoelo (Chacco Blue-Consuelo-Graveur)
Chacoelo will be based in Pretoria with Summerbrook Stud, Stephan will produce him in the sport and he will be made available for breeders in South Africa and Namibia.

(See his details under my stallions)

In addition Stephan got my young horse Eldorado (Challenger/Wunderbar), In exchange I got two imported mares for breeding:

MYSTERY - by Lord Calando/Leonardo.She is linebred to Lord.

Lord Calando is out of the same dam as is Carthago! He is the sire of Lux and Lacantus.
Stephan competed with her successfully in the 1.40M class in Europe and South Africa!

The second mare is CABANNA - by Concact van de Heffing by Concept (Concerto 2 by Contender) out of Franzisca, the full sister to the international Stallion (and sire to Heartbreaker) Clinton (Corrado-Masetto) out of a mare by Nimmerdoor/Notaris.

Both are extremely wellbred, beautiful and successful mares, naturally I am very excited about them.
As excited I am about the fact that Chacoelo will compete in South Africa under Stephan !

MY BREEDING 2011/2012

I will introduce this season some very exciting young mares by my own stallions Shogun, Challenger and Caprivi, which, I feel, will again increase the quality of my young stock, eg.

ARMITAGE by Shogun out of a mare by Diavolo/Doloriet 17h1”, a mare with wonderful movements and a good

jump, and NINETTE by Challenger out of Nadine by Graveur/best thoroughbred, a mare with unlimited scope and wonderful temperament,

Menuett by Challenger out of Montezuma by Graveur/Montesano xx, a mare with great quality and wonderful jumping technique,

JAKIRA BY Caprivi out of Jasmine by Loredo AI, linebred on Lord (Holstein) and Capitano(Sire Capitol), winner of the jumping category at our licencing 2011 with a mark of 8.5

ESCAPADE BY Shogun out of Eifel by Drosselklang/Eichbaum, 17.0h, unlimited scope.

These are tall and important mares. For me now of course is the question, which stallions to put on them.

I felt that I wanted to introduce Quidam de Revel into my breeding. Since he often gives horses with very difficult temperaments, and is also in other respects very difficult to match to your mares, I took the advice of the Holstein Verband: ”we want Quidam in our breeding, but far in the back of the pedigree.”

II therefor used “Quintender” of Schockemoehle, he is by Quinar out of a Contender mare, has a very good temperament and wonderful jumping, on a “Rabino”(Ramiro) mare with best thoroughbred on the dam side, like Noble Chieftain, Signification and Rock Council.

Then I have a very exciting young stallion, “Quickstep”, now 3 years old, a very beaufitul stallion with lots of quality, a dream of a canter, and a wonderful jump, with a technique which can't be better:

The second young stallion I will use is “CHACOELO” he is by “Chacco Blue”, a stallion which Schockemoehle described as “my big hope in sport and breeding”, something he lives up to. He is successful in the international sport, representing Germany in Nations Cup and winning Grand Prix. In breeding he has his first offspring in the international sport, and stallions in all major studs, Celle for example has already 2 Chacco offsprings in its stud.

The dam of Chaccoelo is by Consuelo (as his name already suggests)/Graveur.

He is a more solid stallion with very good movements and unlimited scope.

It will surely be interesting, how these breeding plans of mine will work out!

I have several of the mares above covered by these 2 stallions.


The first crop of foals for this season gave me quite a few problems with illnesses, deaths, etc. but also some exciting new foals:

Consuelo/Conti/Doloriet line, one week old.

(Challenger/Rico (Voltaire/Burggraaf) /Drosselklang/Loredo AI. Three days old.


Lauren took Nandi (Challenger/Graveur) to the first show  5 weeks after getting her, where she cleared the dyke, star and steps without hassle!  Here a photo of her at that show.

Nicola Sime is riding Kir Royal and his fullbrother Magic Moment (Locarno Shogun/Drosselklang) in the 1.10m class and intends to take them up quite a bit this year.
Kir Royal:

Magic Moment

CHANGING WINDS by Caprivi out of Locarno Finesse by Lindenberg/Esplendor xx. Owned by Tarryn van der Walt and ridden by her and Roger Hessen is doing well in the 1.20m, now 1.30m class.


CRUISE CONTROLL by Locarno Caprivi out of Jessica by Consuelo/Loredo (AI Lord) won his first 80cm class after being under the saddle for only 3 months.
Ridden by Louise Kruger he is the leading horse in the "Young Performance Horse Series 2012" after the 2nd leg for 5 year old horses.


In the same series "LOCARNO NIKITA" by Caprivi out of Nocturne by Consuelo ridden by Steve Atkinson, made a very good impression and was placed.


Steve also rides his younger halfsister "NIGHT MUSIC" by Locarno Challenger out of Nocturne. She did well at her first show and is now competing at 80cm.


At the second leg of the "Young Horse Performance" class, My Lord, a beautifull 17' horse by Locarno Shogun out of a Diavolo mare, came 3rd in the 6 year old class ridden by his owner Deon Boardman.

MANJANA by Acclaim out of Michelle by Drosselklang/Montesano, still a stallion, owned by Joan Erasmus and ridden by her son, is ready to go 1.20m


MANJANA has 3 halfbrothers by Shogun.

KIR ROYAL has been with Nicola Sime for about a year now, has a very exciting jump and promises to do very well.


I am very glad that his full brother "Magic Moment", is also with Nicola now.
To me he has the potential to become an international horse. He has had his first 80cm show.


The 3rd full brother "Monte Carlo" is owned and ridden by Caroline Coulson in Windhoek, he shows big scope.


DI CAPRIO, his sire Dumont by Donnerhall/Landadel, of Espana by Wunderbar/Drosselklang, is ridden and owned by Geneva Mathis in Swakopmund and shows promise in jumping and dressage.

And is there any doubt, that be belongs to the family?


COSMOPOLITAN BY Caprivi out of Nicole by Rabino (AI) is a horse for big classes, ridden well by Bronwyn Watson.


His half brother NO LIMIT by Shogun out of Nicole was placed twice in Windhoek in a 70cm class ridden by his owner Barbara Froehlich, and after only being under the saddle for 3.5 months.
It is interesting that there are 6 offspring of the mare “Night Romance” taking part in competitions: Nautilus, Nikita, Night Music, Nandi, Cosmopolitan and No Limit, but no wonder if you look at her breeding: Moorland 2, Noble Chieftain, Rock Council, Signification!


A special horse ROYAL CLASSIC BY CHALLENGER out of Rhapsodie by Dolman (Doloriet) had his first show ridden by Marcus Goodman in Johannesburg.


LEIGH BRAZIER has taken the halfbrother of Changing Winds, CHARMING BOY by Challenger out of Finesse by Lindenberg, to the first shows in SA.  NANDI by Challenger out of Nadine by Graveur, had her first successful show after being only 3 months under the saddle.
Manfred Falk rides ANATEVKA by Locarno Donatello, out of Amazone by Anschluss, in the 1.10m class in Otjiwarongo and 2 young mares "High Light" by Caprivi out of High Society by Grand Chasseur and Romantica by Caprivi out of Romance by Conti, are in the hands of Enica and Cardine Lee. HABANA (Handsome Boy) by Locarno Caprivi out of Habanera by Graveur, is starting his career ridden by Georgia Haywood, after being quite naughty in the beginning.


I am sure these horses will give their riders lots of pleasure and some of them will
reach the top.

In the “Grosser Preis von Aachen”, regarded as the most difficult and prestigious jumping event in the world, ten horses were allowed into the second round and placed.
Of 2 participating stallions there are off springs in Locarno stud:
“Chacco Blue” gave me “Chacoelo”out of Nocture by Consuelo/Graveur best thoroughbred, 3 years old, will be used to cover a few mares this year...
and “Catoki” out of a mare by Rico (Voltaire /Burggraf, Drosselklang/Loredo).
Both these stallions are, by the way, out of the Caletto/Cambridge line (Cor de la Bryere), which I wanted to integrate into my breeding, as they produce exceptional horses in German and international breeding.

Superstar by Consuelo/Solitaire by Drosselklang now competes in the 1.30m class with success.
Changing Winds goes 1.20 under Roger Hessen, and Bon Jour by Caprivi/Bossa Nova by Athletico (AI) goes under Sandra Colby also 1.20, soon to go into 1.30m.
Bon Soir by Consuelo/Bossa Nova goes 1.20 and is highly praised.
Kir Royal by Locarno Shogun/Michelle by Drosselklang, Cruise Missile by Locarno Caprivi/Consuelo and Nikita by Caprivi/Consuelo all do very well in the young horse classes.


Again I got some interesting foals this season.

Most exciting are naturally the AI foals, 2 of them:

Carisma by Indoctro out of Locarno Nicole by Rabino /Django (Moorland xx-Noble Chieftain)/Rock Council/Signification

A colt with a real Holstein trot and wonderful canter, lots of presence and quality.


“Love Affair” by the upcoming top Holstein stallion “Catoki” (Chambertin/Silverster). He really is a top, top stallion in Germany today, competing also on international level,out of “Locarno Lili Marlene” by Rico (Voltaire/Burggraf)/Drosselklang/Loredo (AI Lord Holstein/Capitano)

Locarno Shogun gave me 2 lovely colts, both in his dark bay colour, longlegged and important.

“Ambassador” out of the mare “Locarno Antigone” by Consuelo,which won the Namibian licencing 3 years ago, and “Real Magic” out “Locarno Rhapsodie by Dolman? Doloriet.

2 Consuelo colts out of Conti (Contender Mares) eg “High Noon” by
Consuelo/Conti/Graveur/Sovereignety xx/Mashamxx

     Locarno Ambassador                         Locarno High Noon

CARISMA by Indoctro x Rabino (Ramiro) x best SA thoroughbred, certainly a very special horse.

Love Affair - a very valuable little filly: AI by Catoki (Cambridge/Silvester), one of the best young Holstein stallions out of Lili Marlene by Rico (Voltaire?Burggraf) –Drosselklang

FOALS 2009/2010


This year I have a particularly good crop of foals by my stallions - Locarno Shogun, Caprivi and Challenger, as well as Consuelo.

Shogun gave me 4 excellent little colts out of mares by Graveur, Drosselklang and Lindenberg.


This foal, in my opinion, comes very close to the ideal German breeding is aiming at: noble, big-framed, long-legged, lots of expression.

Surely stallion quality.


LOCARNO CAPRIVI gave me 2 very good colts, the one out of Nocturne by Consuelo/Graveur/Django (Moorland 2/Noble Chieftain) /Rock Council/Signification 


is a colt of great quality and personality, surely also stallion quality!


CHALLENGER gave me a  very good colt out of a Wunderbar/Drosselklang mare, and a filly with lots of expression out of "Locarno Lulu" by Rico/Wunderbar/Loredo (AI, Lord Holstein)


CONSUELO  gave me a colt, which you simply cannot miss to see, with extravagant movements, out of a Conti/Drosselklang/Spanish Doubloon xx mare




We presented 2 mares, "Fantasy" by Locarno Shogun" out of "Flash Dancer" by Drosselklang.
She achieved 7.25 as mark with 8.0 for scope and 7.5 for technique.
"Boheme" by Consuelo -Rabino (AI) -Athletico (AI)
She achieved 7.52 as mark, and got the price as the best jumping mare of the central licencing with 8.5 for scope and 8.0 for technique.
It is amazing with what ease she cleared any height.

                  Fantasy                                                            Boheme

MY FOALS 2008/2009

I felt it necessary to introduce 2 now bloodlines into my breeding.

a.   "Quidam de Revel"
This Jalisco son has become one of the most important stallions in international jumping.
2 grandsons were winners and second at the Olympics 2008.
However his offsprings are normally very difficult horses, only for professionals.  Therefore I was looking for a stallion of this line with a good temperament, and chose "Quintender" by "Quinar"-"Contender.
I put him to a "Rabino (AI) mare, and got a very nice colt.

b.   The blood of "Caletto" is of extreme importance in Holstein.  I chose the stallion "Chacco Blue" by Chambertin (Cambridge) x Contender.
He is one of the best young stallions in Germany in breeding and sport.  He wins big competitions under Alois Pollmann-Schweckhorst and sires foals of highest quality.
I got a beautiful colt out of a Consuelo-Graveur mare.
But then the problems started. The dam of the Quintender foal "Quickstep" got an infection in her udder, and did not have enough milk for the foal.
The "Chacco Blue" foal "Chaccoelo" got pneumonia, when 10 days old.
We had to treat him for 2 months morning and evening with antibiotics.
We have been milking other mares now for 5 months every day and giving the milk to "Quickstep".
Only now both foals have started to recover, as can be seen on the pictures.
That is the other side of breeding!

My own stallions gave me some exciting foals, particularly "Challenger" .

                        Quickstep                                                 Chaccoelo

     Foal Challenger - Flash Dancer                             Foal Shogun - Arkona


As our breeding concentrated mainly to build up our stock of good mares, we on only have few horses in the sport, but they are doing well “ LOCARNO CRESCENDO”  by “Athletico AI/ “Queen & Country xx” is produced by Mrs. Sisca Ploughmann in dressage, and is now rated as the Nr. 5 in Elementary Dressage in SA.












“LOCARNO NAUTILUS” by Consuelo/”Night Romance” won the 6 bar event in Omaruru /Namibia in 2008. “Night Romance” is one of our most important base mares.

“LOCARNO SUPERSTAR”  by “Consuelo”/”Solitaire” by Drosselklang/Morn againxx/Jerez/Giafar” was sold to a junior in Namibia 2 years ago. Roger Hessen rode him at a show in Namibia in June 2008 and won 2 D-grade classes.

He is on the way to SA for a considerable sum of money.


By  “Acclaim”/Drosselklang/Montesanoxx was bought by Mrs. Joan Erasmus I 2006.

Although he was bought for jumping, he went in May 2008 to the Autumn Gold Show into showing classes. He won, and the international judge was very impressed by his type and movements, The judges suggested, that he should be presented for full licensing right away. His jump is as good. A very special horse.

2 Younger half brothers by “Locarno Shogun” ,Monte Carlo and “Magic Moment” are still with me. Magic Moment” jumped over a gate of 1.40M as a yearling!

Proud Member of the
Namibian Warmblood
Horse Society