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Having competed myself at A grade jumping, i have always been very aware of the fact that a horses attitude is very important.

I have visited alot of German Studs and Licencing Shows and talked to well known breeders, like the famous Maas Hell of Holstein, which has taught me alot.

In contrast to Hannover, where in the 1980's, conformation had absolute priority (a horse with good confirmation would also jump well!).  Holstein made compromises on conformation if attitude and ability were present.

The results we all know. Today Hannover has to use Holstein stallions to bring back the jumping qualities which they once had and neglected.

I always admired the good thoroughbreds and always will remember Gonda Betrix on Watchfire, Gail Foxcraft on her many thoroughbreds like Time to Dance.  I always listened carefully to Rogan Asken and his knowledge on thoroughbred lines, bought (and even photocopied the older versions!) all the thoroughbred stud books when I purchased my stock of thoroughbred mares, on which my breeding is based.

In that way I still get lines which are hardly available nowadays e.g. Noble Chieftain, Jerez, Masham, Signification and the Fair Trial line.

In Namibia I use only the stallions of proven lines, Graveur (Grande!), Drosselklang (in spite of his temperament problems, a very good bloodline, particularly in my mares).  From SA I get Wunderbar, Acclaim (Accord/Zeuss) and Rico (Voltaire/Burggraff).  Along with this started earlier on to use AI and that way got valuable blood, like Loredo (Lord), Athletico (Athled by Alme) and Rabino.

CONSUELO (Corofino by Corrado/Landgraf), owned by Mrs Sitta Voigts had a big impact on Namibian breeding and I used him strongly from the start.

I imported a Holstein mare by Lord in 1989 for my breeding, she was of great value, apart from the fact that she jumped with me in a 6 bar in Omaruru over 1.80M.  She is out of the Holstein damline 474a, which produced two of the Netherlands' silvermedal team in London 2012, namely Q Verdi and Bulabu. It's regarded as one of the best 25 damlines in the world, and then Lord, the Lord.

It was my fortunate day, I would never have got her had her breeding potential been known at that time.  Out of her I bred my stallion Caprivi by Indoctro(Capitol/Caletto 2), for many years one of the 10 best stallions for jumping worldwide and the mare Loretta by Rabino (Ramiro).

Out of Loretta I bred my 2 stallions Shogun (by Saliner/Sandro Song) and Challenger (Conti by Contender).  Caprivi does not have many offspring in the sport in S.A , but they all do very well, are highly competetive horses, which obviously can compete against the best on time, presently on the 1.30 and 1.35m level. (Bon Jour, Cosmopolitan, Changing Winds, Cruise Control).

Shogun gives good size, good temperament, type and movement, as well as a very good jump.  The horse, which I regard as my best potential horse for big classes, Magic Moment is by him and is fortunately in very good hands with Nicola Sime.

Challenger, linebred on Ramiro and Contender, gives unlimited scope.

Not having the millions to spend, as is common in S.A. nowadays, I had to plan my breeding well in advance.  I wanted to integrate the blood of Quidam de Revele into my breeding, without the temperament problems which often go with it and therefor got AI from Quintender (Quinar/Contender) and bred out of Nicole (Rabino/best SA thoroughbred) the stallion Quickstep, who was licenced and the winner of the licencing in 2013.

Cor de la Bryere, an exceptional stallion, has 3 lines on which he produces his good offsprings:
Calypso 2/Contender, I have an ample amount of that in my breeding.
Corrado, which we have via Consuelo in Namibia,
and the Caletto 1 and 2.  Possibly the strongest line.

Here I imported AI of Chacco Blue (Chambertin by Cambridge/Caletto 1) an exceptional stallion in breeding and sport, who unfortunately died recently, I was very fortunate to get 2 colts:
Chacoelo out of Nocturne by Consuelo/Graveur
Chacco - Top out of Boheme by Consuelo/Rabino/Athletico.

Of these I have 2 foals by Chacoelo, but will keep Chacco Top.

These young stallions should fit well onto my young mares by Caprivi, Shogun and Challenger.
I am very fortunate to have a 3 year old bay filly, Catoki (Cambridge by Caletto!!), one of the best stallions in Germany presently as well as a young foal by Indoctro /Challenger.

I use the best international bloodlines to breed good horses for jumping and dressage. At the same time they should be good looking and have a good temperament. 

My breeding is based on proven South African thoroughbred lines, like Noble Chieftain, Jerez, Signification, Fair Trial, Royal Pardon, etc.

I combine them with the best performance stallions in Namibia, like Graveur, Drosselklang, Consuelo, Conti, Diavolo (dressage) also one that I have been using for some time now, al I from Germany, stallions like Loredo (Lord/Capitano), Rabino (Ramiro/Calypso2) and Athletico (Alme line). From South Africa I have Lindenberg, Acclaim and Rico in my damlines.  My breeding strategy iis strongly  orientated to Holstein.

My own 3 stallions are all based on a Lord mare I imported from Holstein, and they give me the most important lines from Holstein:

CAPRIVI is by Indoctro, giving me the Capitol,Caletto 2 and Lord bloodlines which have dominated international jumping.

SHOGUN  represents the Sandro/Gotthard blood, together with Ramiro, Calypso 2 and again Lord.

CCHALLENGER's lines are Contender and Ramiro and he strongly resembles Contender. 

All 3 my stallions have very good temperaments and pass it on to their offspring!

The beauty and intelligence of the thoroughbred;
The jumping of the Holsteiner;
The movement of the Hannoverian;
The best possible temperament and attitude to performance;
But always the best possible bloodlines...

That is the aim of my breedingprogram.


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